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FloraSoul embodies a luxurious harmony of Ayurveda, innovation and natural ingredients—a triumphant synthesis that elevates skin health and overall well-being.

This is FloraSoul the soul & essence of flora.







Type of Work



Packaging design


Web Design 


Elevate your radiance with the epitome of nature and innovation. A harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom and modern luxury, Florasouls sublime blends are meticulously crafted for impeccable skin and holistic well-being. 

Solution :

The Brand approached manav sachdev for a solution to recreate a harmony of ayurveda,  bringing together the ancient wisdom of ayurveda and modern aesthetics, We welcomed the opportunity to craft a memorable brand identity. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their vision and developed a strategy that captured the essence of ayurveda while ensuring brand visibility and differentiation in the market. 


For this particular project, manavsachdevdesignstudio 

conducted in-depth research on ayurveda, explored color schemes, and typography that align with the concept. We then developed a logo, website design, packaging, and other brand assets that delivered a cohesive message of balance and wellness and recreating FloraSouls' identity using ancient Hindu concepts. Manav and his team crafted an illustrative outlook for the brand using forest and flora artworks as its ident

The brands identity includes ancient scripture 'dandas' is an integral part of our design philosophy, and we incorporate it with finesse in our logos for an added element of elegance and sophistication adding the primary touch to Ayurveda which takes us back to 3000 bc.

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